A Family Reunion to Die For


A Family Reunion to Die for, It’s time for the Knotting Family Reunion, and newlywed Christine Franklin (Jazmine Gonzalez) is eager to show off her husband Freddie (Bryan Olivera) to the family she hasn’t seen in years. The joyful reunion quickly turns sour as members of the Knotting Family being to drop like flies, and Christine seems to be next in line to become a victim! It’s up to Freddie to catch the criminal and save his blushing bride. Who is trying to wipe out the Knotting family? Is it the pair of squirrel-hunting hillbilly siblings? The former Vegas showgirl with a knack for knitting? The maid with a single digit IQ? The grouchy cook? The bitter journalist? The troupe of mimes? Complete with a hilarious chase scene, audience interaction and a few surprising plot twists, this refreshingly fun, murder mystery comedy is sure to entertain.

Dec 20 - Dec 21, 2014
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST
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Wilby H.S. Theater
General Admission SOLD OUT $8.00
Venue Address
460 Bucks Hill Road, Waterbury Connecticut United States
Shelby Davis